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23 August 2009 @ 06:18 pm
BPAL Reviews (Prototypes)  
Here are some reviews of BPAL Protoypes. These are not available to buy on the site, they were from the DD Clearing the Cobwebs event:

SEKHMET v5: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Metallic and incense

On Skin: This has a very nice and light incense tone. It isn't smokey or overwhelming, and in the background I get a slightly metallic note that I'm thinking may be herbal? This scent is very clean which is a nice change from the sticky, resinous smokey types of incense scents I'm used to. I would call this scent "Incense Lite". It does NOT resemble the original Sekhmet at all. I don't get the spices the original had. This one has a warm tint, but it's much more subtle and when the herbs peek out, it actually seems kind of cool too. So a scent that can be both warm and cool... very interesting. As the scent develops the cool notes become stronger and it takes on a soapy quality. I really like this scent but I do think it's a bit light for my tastes. The throw is very low and the wearlength is short.

OSIRIS v4: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Heavy resins

On Skin: Very sweet and dark resins, with a gritty almost dirty note. I smell a sarsaparilla note that I got from Storyville, but here it's more raw and not as sweet. I get a soft delicate wood as a base with the resins soaking into it. This scent has a dark red feeling to me, and a regal, rich feel. I think there is patchouli in it which is giving that dirty tone... but it's the sweet patchouli I like from Schwarzer Mond. As it develops further, it loses some of it's strength and mellows out nicely. I get a light minty note in the background too. It is unisex and would beautiful on everyone. I am very happy to have a bottle. Moderate to strong throw and average wearlength.

ALBEDO v5: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Lemon coconut

On Skin: This scent is DELICIOUS! It reminds me of The Tarot scent "The Star". It has a gorgeous coconut frosting base, on a lemon meringue pie. Pure YUM! But even though it is so foody, it has a gorgeous perfumey quality to it too and makes it perfectly wearable. It is very strong and very bright... but the brightness is kept in check with the lovely creamy coconut and frosting notes. This scent is comforting and very uplifting, another "hug scent" as I like to call them. There is also a clean note in there, almost aquatic which also tones the lemon nicely. I can see myself wearing this scent alot, even though I'm not a huge fan of lemon. The creamy coconut seals the deal for me and makes me LOVE this scent! It has a very strong throw and long wearlength.

HELLION v2: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Plum and smoke

On Skin: Oh... my...god... GODSENT! yes, this scent is quite possibly one of the prettiest scents ever. It reminds me of Queen of Spades, only much more plummy and not as perfumey. Plum is the strongest note followed by a dirty note and wrapped up in a sweet spicy smoke. I can smell a bit of wood, but the plum is the heaviest and the spices really heat it up. The spices are so well blended though, none of them stick out on their own, they just give a nice warm "tint" to the scent. It's not really like the original Hellion to me. While I liked the original, it wasn't half as beautiful as this one and it was much heavier on the dirtier patchouli vibe. And this one loves me. I wore it out to the club, and I had too many people to count coming up to me and asking me what smells so good!?!?! I had people asking me to rub my wrist on them so they could keep smelling the scent all night, and they would walk off huffing their wrist. I totally pimped out the Lab's site so hopefully I enabled a bunch of new people! I felt bad that they wouldn't be able to buy this scent though... I ahve to say this is one of my favorite BPAL scents now. Moderate to strong throw and long wearlength.