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BPAL Addicts United

Ebay is Evil

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This community was formed as a place where BPAL addicts can gather and talk about their addiction, receive support, and help during BPAL crisis moments(such as spending your rent money on a bottle of the precious).

By joining bpalanonymous, you agree to abide by the following rules. If you disagree with these rules or the enforcement of these rules,you are welcome to leave the community at any time.

Community Rules:

1. No Drama - We don't want you llamas.
Let's squee and support each other, not be a cesspool of drama. We need your help to do that. First, don't drag drama from another community to bpalanonymous. Yes, frustrating things happen. Yes, we'd like to put people's eyes out but that's something that ought to be addressed in that community or in our personal livejournals. Rabble rousing in bpalanonymous to gain support for or dislike of a subject/person is not acceptable.

1a. Snark Check
We're all grown ups here. Don't pick fights. Try to be civil. This means that if you think someone is making a snark comment, politely ask them if that's what they mean. The written word does not easily convey tone and facial expression unless it's some sort of post-modern "painting" so, please give people the benefit of the doubt. We can do mutual respect.

2. No sales, swaps or ISO's. This applies both to comments and to original posts.
Rant, rave, cry, and wail to your hearts content about your love (and disappointments) with BPAL. But don't sell, don't swap and for heaven's sake don't come here looking for a coveted limited edition or lunacy.We try to make provisions for kindness and generosity, but take those to email ASAP.

This policy also applies to other products (like imp boxes, scent lockets, et cetera) and this is where it gets hairy(er). Posting a link to show people where to get things is not horrid. Posting a link to personal sales is inappropriate. Example A is a "lookie the precious" post and Example B is more "Buy my stuff!" Example B is not acceptable since we have enough temptation as is.
(This also means no "recommending" your own products via your partner's journal or a sockpuppet journal. We ain't born yesterday around here...)

3. BPALanonymous is not code for BPAL Customer Service
Lastly the mods of bpalanonymous have decided unanimously that we are not BPAL Customer Service. If you are panicked about the status of your order or have issues with BPAL Customer Service, talk to the Labbies and not us. We don't work for the Lab or the USPS. We don't know where your order is. We don't know when your order will get there. Please go email the people who would know, which isn't us.

It's the only logical way to solve your dilemma and get something other then sympathetic "Poor baby!"s. We don't mind if people ask, on occasion, if someone's received a CNS but really, asking repeatedly won't get you yours any faster. It's a scientifically proven fact.

And that's it. Yup, we're simple. :)

N O T E S:

Addict of the Month issues [nominations, questions of procedure, "did my prize ship out yet?", etc.] may be addressed to latzonik@ yahoo.com . I cannot email you from work, so please be patient when awaiting a response from me. Thanks!

To Contact the Mods, Email:

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