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06 April 2012 @ 03:38 pm
Hi everyone. Hope you all have a nice Easter!

One, someone commented about looking for rollerball containers, and one place that might have what your looking for is www.PilotVials.com. I placed a group order there, and a couple of people ordered their rollerball containers. 

Two, I have created another place to post sales, whether it's for BPAL, CO, other scented oils, or even other tools for Pagans, Wiccans, Occultists, Heathens, and anyone into New Age items. The URL is http://pwn-marketplace.livejournal.com/. So please stop by, whether to check out sales or add your own. You can even do swaps, or post a link to your sales on Ebay. As long as it's occult, pagan, wiccan, heathen, or new age related, I will allow it.

Have a great weekend!
Dark Roses69 - Amy E
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27 September 2011 @ 10:16 pm
It's time for another Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Meet-N-Sniff!!

We will be meeting up at Double Daughters bar.
Double Daughters is the cutest funkiest bar around. We've had several Meet N Sniffs there and it's awesome:

DATE: Fri Sept 30th

TIME: 6-8pm

PLACE: Double Daughters
1632 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 623-3505


Their Happy Hour is 5-9pm and they have fun adult beverages for us to drink while hanging out.

Feel free to invite your friends, this is a great way to introduce people to BPAL if they haven't heard of them/smelled any of the scents before.
Hopefully some of us will have some of the Halloweenies, I will bring a bunch of LE's from over the year since it's been forever since we last met up.
Please RSVP if you can, so we know how many people to expect. See you Friday!
17 August 2011 @ 01:54 pm
I am momentarily horking the mike here, picking my jaw up off the floor, and announcing,

"They've made a MOVIE about the INVENTION of VIBRATORS and it stars Maggie Gyllenhaal!!"

(Best intro ever from Mary Sue at the link:)


Now - what to wear to the screening? Relevant Victorian-themed BPALZ might be:

Belle Epoque


Horn of Plenty


Nostrum Remedium



Signior Dildo

Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

Violet Ray

Did I miss one? ETA: Of course I did!

morpheus0013 - La Petit Mort

nisaba - Sed Non Satiata

dedra - Vulva (Burning, Glowing, and Giant)


atalantapendrag - Womb Furie
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30 May 2011 @ 03:52 pm
Helloooo? Anyone here?

Question ... a million years ago I bought some small roller bottles, I think they were 2.5ml or something, they're really quite small.

I've been trying to find them again, and haven't had much luck, anyone have any recommendations?

30 December 2010 @ 02:16 pm
To my mind, the two sexiest scents in my collection are Snake Oil and Chimera. I'm going to wear one of them to a New Year's Eve party tomorrow.

What I'd really like to do is add one of them to some unscented lotion and use that along with the perfume itself. Unfortunately I don't have enough of either to pull that off.

So my question is, which of the scents in my stash do you think would work well layered with either Snake Oil or Chimera?

Thank you in advance!
27 October 2010 @ 09:20 pm
When ever i come to this site or BPAL mafia (not very often) to see whats going on, and see it has been months or longer since anyone posted  i always feel a little sad.:(   I know, i should get a life.LOL
24 August 2010 @ 04:24 pm
My daughter took my BPAL Monsterbait: Underbed (an old LE) to school (mistake #1!) and dropped it (mistake #2!) and then someone stomped on it (mistake #3!) I haz no Underbed! *cries*
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17 July 2010 @ 10:41 pm
Hi..I am trying to figure out what price I should sell all of my oils at (I am trying to make my boyfriend's bail for Marijuana Possession, so I need to sell them all) and I was really hoping someone could help me out.

I can either post them here/as a comment or I can go into one on one email with people, whichever is preferred..I would really appreciate some help because I'm not sure what I'm doing as far as pricing goes.

Also, when bottles are full, that is up to the bottom lip, correct?

Thank you so much
03 May 2010 @ 10:11 am
Not sure if this has been posted about previously, I checked the tags and didn't see anything.

On the BPAL site there is a section called "Elsewhere" that is being 'being refurbished'. Maybe I'm getting my hopes up, but is this a Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell reference? If that were the case, I think I'd just about faint and then promptly ignore any bills in favor of perfume. :p
17 April 2010 @ 12:50 pm
I know it's short notice but we've been talking about it on the forums for the past month and I forgot to post it here...

It's time for our next Colorado Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Meet-N-Sniff.
For those of you know don't know what BPAL is, check out the link... :)

Sunday April 17th
@ Cafe Netherworld
1278 Pennsylvania
(13th and Pennsylvania)
Cap Hill, Denver
(303) 861-8638

Feel free to bring whatever you'd like... imps, bottles, your whole collection or just stuff you want to swap... whatever seems best to you.
Cafe Netherworld is a wonderful cafe/coffeehouse/bar. They serve New Orleans styled food, adult beverages and coffee of course. They have a great staff who love love us and a jukebox playing some super fun music to keep us chipper. They even provide cups of coffee beans to clear our sniffers!

Please reply here (trying to keep comments in one place) if you plan to come because I need RSVP's so I can let the cafe know how many of us to expect. They will set aside a table for us. :)
14 April 2010 @ 12:21 am
does this ring a bell with anyone? I swear this was a LJ community at some point but now I can't find it.  I need to find it and figure out where to send this package to. help!!!
25 February 2010 @ 12:42 pm

I'm about to go to my first job interview in 6 years. I can't make up my mind which of my scents would be most appropriate for a job interview. Can anyone help?

Here is a list of what I have:
The High Priest Not To Be Described
Snake Oil
I also have Calgon's Mmmmmm marshmallow body spray, but I don't like it nearly as well as my bpal.

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04 January 2010 @ 10:59 am
hi all. i lurk. :P

have come into a small amount of holiday spending money and i want to do a bpal order. i know my basic standby scents and imps i want to try, but... has anyone tested/does anyone own/can anyone review for me priala, the human phoenix?

i'm wondering if the myrrhs are the overpowering scent, or if it's more of a smoke/cinnamon blend. (i do realize that the oil may smell different on me than you, but overall impressions would be great! if you've tried it and love it or think it's just godawful, PLEASE tell me! i don't want to buy a full large bottle without knowing what i'm in for. :) )
26 August 2009 @ 03:26 pm
It wasn't just that I was at work.

It wasn't just that an entire imp squirted out of my butterfingers and sprayed over the desk.

It wasn't just that it got my papers and reference books as well as the desktop, the keyboard, and my cloth chair...

It's that it was one of my favorites.

It's that it was Badger.

And now?

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24 August 2009 @ 05:38 pm
Halloweenies, Black Butterfly and one Prototype

BOO: Halloween 2009: Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream.

In Bottle: Super sweet cream

On Skin: This is like Marshmallow Poof Lite. It has a delicious marshmallow note but it's not heavy. The cream in so smooth and clean, pure white and not a hint of sour. The spun sugar is so fluffy and yummy. I am so happy that this scent is not heavy or burnt... but I am sad that it is as light as it is. It fades quite fast. But for people who are scared of sweets or don't want anything cloying, this scent is for you. It is so pure and refined. It has no color to it, just plain tasty sugar. It also kind of reminds me of Monsterbait Underpants and I LOVE that scent too. I might try making a spray of this to wear with my Underpants oil. I may have to get more bottles of this. Very light throw and short wearlength.

BITE ME: Halloweenie 2009: Croquembouche with almond silk and a drizzle of caramel.

In Bottle: Cream and cherries

On Skin: I smell the cherry-like almond note right away. That pure sweet almond extract. There is also a rose like note, very floral. I say rose because it's slightly sour and that's how rose is on me. As the scent develops I smell a light cakey note from the croquembouche, but it's not heavy like I expected it to be. I can't really pick out the caramel, and the caramel note the Lab uses usually really amps on me, so this is a shock. I expected this scent to be pure caramel on me. But it's a nice shock, I really like how it's sweet yet also perfumey. It's a very pretty scent without being overly foody like the description would lead you to believe. The floral feels pink and the sweetness is a brownish red. Overall, an interesting scent. Moderate throw and long wearlength.

BLACK BUTTERFLY MOON: Lunacy Aug 2009 Soft, deep, and luminous: Lady of the Night orchid, benzoin, opopponax, currant, black chypre, white gardenia, ambergris, damp, wooded mosses, and black lily.

In Bottle: Dark florals

On Skin: This is quite pretty.... it does have a butterfly feel to it. I grew up in the mountains and one of my favorite memories was running through the flowers watching the butterflies. Because of my love of butterflies, my husband and I went on our first dates at the Butterfly Pavillion here in Colorado, and even ended up getting married there. So butterflies have a huge importance to me. This scent has the innocence and beauty of a butterfly. The darkness comes from the night blooms and cooler tones in the scent. It seems in the same family as Black Moon and Bat Woman. The florals are very well blended but I can pick out the orchid and lily which are 2 of my favorite flowers. After a few minutes I can also smell the sweet creaminess of the gardenia. The resins help the "dark" feel, and the moss gives a slightly aquatic tone. This scent is so very feminine and pretty, I would wear this scent when I wanted to feel more dressy or girly... not really a scent I'd wear at the clubs. Overall, gorgeous and fits the description perfectly. Light to moderate throw and short to average wearlength.

NAGARJUNA: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Subtle resins

On Skin: Wow, this scent is so soft and pretty! It is like a very fine pile vintage velvet, so delicate and feminine. I get a soft skin musk, and a clean note, maybe sandalwood? Also possibly white musk. Now I'm thinking there might be teak in here, the wood is so soft and yummy and that's how teak is on me. Yes this has a subtle Glowing Vulva feel to it, just not as sweet and creamy. This is a cleaner muskier Glowing Vulva if I had to call it. I am sooooooo happy I have a bottle of this as I plan to wear it alot. I could also even see a man wearing this since the clean soapy note suits both sexes. As the scent dries down, the teak note starts to vanish and the soap note becomes stronger. It still has a sweet base so I love it, but it doesn't resemble GV anymore. Still, it is beyond lovely. It has a light to moderate throw and long wearlength.
23 August 2009 @ 06:18 pm
Here are some reviews of BPAL Protoypes. These are not available to buy on the site, they were from the DD Clearing the Cobwebs event:

SEKHMET v5: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Metallic and incense

On Skin: This has a very nice and light incense tone. It isn't smokey or overwhelming, and in the background I get a slightly metallic note that I'm thinking may be herbal? This scent is very clean which is a nice change from the sticky, resinous smokey types of incense scents I'm used to. I would call this scent "Incense Lite". It does NOT resemble the original Sekhmet at all. I don't get the spices the original had. This one has a warm tint, but it's much more subtle and when the herbs peek out, it actually seems kind of cool too. So a scent that can be both warm and cool... very interesting. As the scent develops the cool notes become stronger and it takes on a soapy quality. I really like this scent but I do think it's a bit light for my tastes. The throw is very low and the wearlength is short.

OSIRIS v4: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Heavy resins

On Skin: Very sweet and dark resins, with a gritty almost dirty note. I smell a sarsaparilla note that I got from Storyville, but here it's more raw and not as sweet. I get a soft delicate wood as a base with the resins soaking into it. This scent has a dark red feeling to me, and a regal, rich feel. I think there is patchouli in it which is giving that dirty tone... but it's the sweet patchouli I like from Schwarzer Mond. As it develops further, it loses some of it's strength and mellows out nicely. I get a light minty note in the background too. It is unisex and would beautiful on everyone. I am very happy to have a bottle. Moderate to strong throw and average wearlength.

ALBEDO v5: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Lemon coconut

On Skin: This scent is DELICIOUS! It reminds me of The Tarot scent "The Star". It has a gorgeous coconut frosting base, on a lemon meringue pie. Pure YUM! But even though it is so foody, it has a gorgeous perfumey quality to it too and makes it perfectly wearable. It is very strong and very bright... but the brightness is kept in check with the lovely creamy coconut and frosting notes. This scent is comforting and very uplifting, another "hug scent" as I like to call them. There is also a clean note in there, almost aquatic which also tones the lemon nicely. I can see myself wearing this scent alot, even though I'm not a huge fan of lemon. The creamy coconut seals the deal for me and makes me LOVE this scent! It has a very strong throw and long wearlength.

HELLION v2: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Plum and smoke

On Skin: Oh... my...god... GODSENT! yes, this scent is quite possibly one of the prettiest scents ever. It reminds me of Queen of Spades, only much more plummy and not as perfumey. Plum is the strongest note followed by a dirty note and wrapped up in a sweet spicy smoke. I can smell a bit of wood, but the plum is the heaviest and the spices really heat it up. The spices are so well blended though, none of them stick out on their own, they just give a nice warm "tint" to the scent. It's not really like the original Hellion to me. While I liked the original, it wasn't half as beautiful as this one and it was much heavier on the dirtier patchouli vibe. And this one loves me. I wore it out to the club, and I had too many people to count coming up to me and asking me what smells so good!?!?! I had people asking me to rub my wrist on them so they could keep smelling the scent all night, and they would walk off huffing their wrist. I totally pimped out the Lab's site so hopefully I enabled a bunch of new people! I felt bad that they wouldn't be able to buy this scent though... I ahve to say this is one of my favorite BPAL scents now. Moderate to strong throw and long wearlength.
22 August 2009 @ 01:16 pm
Yes, I have been terrible about posting reviews. It's been almost a year since I was doing them on a regular schedule. I have hundreds of scents I need to review.

So lets start with 3.

SUNBIRD: (not an exact note description, but here is part of how the Lab presented the scent) Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is thrilled to present a numbered, limited edition chapbook of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed short story, Sunbird, beautifully illustrated by Julie Dillon. Each package includes a 5ml bottle of perfume, created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, that was inspired by the tale. In Neil's words, "'Sunbird' smells like resin and deserts and the phoenix."

In Bottle: Smoky and metallic

On Skin: I expected this to be a lot stronger, but it's actually quite light. The resins are warm and soft, and the smoke note is more of a grey than a black. It's amazing clean as well, which is a very nice contrast for a smoke scent. I get a very orange/bronze/golden feeling from this scent. It fits a Sunbird perfectly... I normally do not like firey or smokey scents, but this one is so tame, it works on me. Especially since I'm a fire sign. The scent is also unisex, I could imagine this on a man as well as a woman. Light to moderate throw and medium wearlength.

(based on Del Howison's short story The Lost Herd)
The scent of a Vampire Cowboy: Sweetgrass and tumbleweeds, cedar and white sage, dusty, wet leather, woodsmoke, and blood.

In Bottle: Leather love

On Skin: The leather in this is godsent. I mean, it is clean and beautiful. This isn't dusty and dry, it's much sweeter and full. There is a cologne note, but it's not too heady or overwhelming. Without a doubt, this is a masculine scent, it screams drop-dead sexy man. I made my husband wear it right away! Luckily, he LOVES it too. I wish we had a gallon of it. It is warm and has a slight herbal background. I am huffing my husbands wrists demanding he wear this as often as possible. The sweet cedar is beautiful and helps keep the smoke from being too strong. The grass note adds warmth and an outdoorsy feeling. The blood note is nice too, it's not pungent like I've smelled it in other scents. This scent is so beautiful, it is a masterpiece. I really wish my husband could wear this forever. It's my new favorite scent on him for sure. Plus the throw is strong (I love that) and it has a very, very long wearlength.

STINKY: A cure for sweaty bits and sticky wilting. Stinky is a summer refresher 'foom for people that don't dig run-of-the-mill "clean" scents: newly-washed skin with a dusting of milk, white honey, and baby powder.

In Bottle: Sweet milk and honey

On Skin: This is a very powdery scent, clean and extremely sweet. I agree that it does resemble Burt's Bee products which is a good thing, because I LOVE their products! I have their solid perfume and this is a lot like it, minus the wax note Burt's Bees has. The honey is very sweet, but not cloying. It's the honey I love, that doesn't have any herbal or floral in it (which is what I tend to dislike in some honey scents). I am all about pure sticky yummy sweet honey. The milk is creamy and not sour in the slightest. It has a baby quality to it that makes you just want to nuzzle and snuggle. I am absolutely obsessed in this scent and am so happy I got 3 bottles. If you are a honey or milk fan, this scent MUST be in your collection. I have been wearing this scent almost every day, and even brought it when I went camping. Everyone around me was like "How can you smell so good when we're camping?" I responded... "What... I'm *STINKY*!!" which I thought was funny. They didn't get it. It has a moderate throw and long wearlength.
...layer BPAL's Greed and TAL Charisma. I wanted to nom myself. It reminded me of an old Oriental perfume like KL or Opium or something. It seemed to work well on my date as well. And my hub said he could still smell it this morning.
15 July 2009 @ 12:03 pm
So my boy has been sick.  Very sick. 
And with the sick comes the dizzy, leaking out ever possible place he can leak out of in varing degrees of explosions, and the sweating.  This has after 2 days of holding him up in the bathroom caused quite a pungent stir. 
last night while he was almost ok enough to bathe but not quite yet- I douced him in oil.  Because DAMN.
Luckily he understood.

Thank You Doc Constantine!

FYI- He is now showering with Sexy peel Soap form Lush.  It was the strongest gun in my arsenal.
11 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm
For one brief, terrifying moment, I thought I was out of bubble wrap.
The horror!
Bubble wrap is like padded envelopes, there's always some around somewhere (and it was oh so useful having them during the move last year; all the small framed photos fit perfectly in the envelopes).