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24 August 2009 @ 05:38 pm
BPAL reviews  
Halloweenies, Black Butterfly and one Prototype

BOO: Halloween 2009: Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream.

In Bottle: Super sweet cream

On Skin: This is like Marshmallow Poof Lite. It has a delicious marshmallow note but it's not heavy. The cream in so smooth and clean, pure white and not a hint of sour. The spun sugar is so fluffy and yummy. I am so happy that this scent is not heavy or burnt... but I am sad that it is as light as it is. It fades quite fast. But for people who are scared of sweets or don't want anything cloying, this scent is for you. It is so pure and refined. It has no color to it, just plain tasty sugar. It also kind of reminds me of Monsterbait Underpants and I LOVE that scent too. I might try making a spray of this to wear with my Underpants oil. I may have to get more bottles of this. Very light throw and short wearlength.

BITE ME: Halloweenie 2009: Croquembouche with almond silk and a drizzle of caramel.

In Bottle: Cream and cherries

On Skin: I smell the cherry-like almond note right away. That pure sweet almond extract. There is also a rose like note, very floral. I say rose because it's slightly sour and that's how rose is on me. As the scent develops I smell a light cakey note from the croquembouche, but it's not heavy like I expected it to be. I can't really pick out the caramel, and the caramel note the Lab uses usually really amps on me, so this is a shock. I expected this scent to be pure caramel on me. But it's a nice shock, I really like how it's sweet yet also perfumey. It's a very pretty scent without being overly foody like the description would lead you to believe. The floral feels pink and the sweetness is a brownish red. Overall, an interesting scent. Moderate throw and long wearlength.

BLACK BUTTERFLY MOON: Lunacy Aug 2009 Soft, deep, and luminous: Lady of the Night orchid, benzoin, opopponax, currant, black chypre, white gardenia, ambergris, damp, wooded mosses, and black lily.

In Bottle: Dark florals

On Skin: This is quite pretty.... it does have a butterfly feel to it. I grew up in the mountains and one of my favorite memories was running through the flowers watching the butterflies. Because of my love of butterflies, my husband and I went on our first dates at the Butterfly Pavillion here in Colorado, and even ended up getting married there. So butterflies have a huge importance to me. This scent has the innocence and beauty of a butterfly. The darkness comes from the night blooms and cooler tones in the scent. It seems in the same family as Black Moon and Bat Woman. The florals are very well blended but I can pick out the orchid and lily which are 2 of my favorite flowers. After a few minutes I can also smell the sweet creaminess of the gardenia. The resins help the "dark" feel, and the moss gives a slightly aquatic tone. This scent is so very feminine and pretty, I would wear this scent when I wanted to feel more dressy or girly... not really a scent I'd wear at the clubs. Overall, gorgeous and fits the description perfectly. Light to moderate throw and short to average wearlength.

NAGARJUNA: No description (prototype)

In Bottle: Subtle resins

On Skin: Wow, this scent is so soft and pretty! It is like a very fine pile vintage velvet, so delicate and feminine. I get a soft skin musk, and a clean note, maybe sandalwood? Also possibly white musk. Now I'm thinking there might be teak in here, the wood is so soft and yummy and that's how teak is on me. Yes this has a subtle Glowing Vulva feel to it, just not as sweet and creamy. This is a cleaner muskier Glowing Vulva if I had to call it. I am sooooooo happy I have a bottle of this as I plan to wear it alot. I could also even see a man wearing this since the clean soapy note suits both sexes. As the scent dries down, the teak note starts to vanish and the soap note becomes stronger. It still has a sweet base so I love it, but it doesn't resemble GV anymore. Still, it is beyond lovely. It has a light to moderate throw and long wearlength.
daydreams & scribbles: cm_garcia_bluedragon_moon on August 28th, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
Nice to see your reviews! I've been avoiding buying BPAL since January, but am starting to feel the need for new stuff. And Boo sounds really yummy. :o)
DJSlave1slave1 on August 28th, 2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!
And Boo is godsent!! :) :)